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VAG Research Grants Scheme

The Vernacular Architecture Group is providing a substantial sum for a scheme of grants in support of the study and presentation of vernacular architecture. Grants are available both for research projects and for the promotion or presentation of the subject. Possible topics include (but are not limited to) building recording, historical research, dating (as part of a wider scheme), preparation of drawings for publication, support of conferences, or of local groups, creation of web-sites, or preparation of exhibition boards and displays. Preparatory work in advance of a future Group conference is particularly welcome. There are no geographical limitations on the scope of projects.

The projects should (1) normally have firm end-points rather than be open-ended, though the possibility of future extension is not excluded; (2) contribute to some concrete deliverables. Such deliverables include but are not limited to: an article for Vernacular Architecture, a web-based database, a conference paper or handbook, a search tool, an exhibition. It will normally be a specific requirement of the grant offer that at the least a brief report for the newsletter or journal will be provided. Individual grants have an upper limit of about 2,000. There are no strict rules about the proportion of the total project cost that will be funded, and requests for 100% funding are permitted. However, the provision of partial support by the applicant is encouraged, which may be in cash or in kind (for example, through the donation of the time of a professional buildings archaeologist or historian); proposals involving part-funding in partnership with other grant-giving bodies are also welcomed. It is hoped that the applicant or the contact for a group will either be a VAG member or will apply for membership.

Application forms and further notes can be downloaded from the links below or obtained (in electronic or hard copy form) from Dr Lee Prosser, Apartment 25, Hampton Court Palace, Surrey KT8 9AU ( The closing date is 28 February each year.

Grants awarded

A summary of grants already awarded is available.