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The Group's conferences are where members meet to study buildings and discuss their findings. Conferences are open to all members.

Spring Conferences

In the spring members and guests meet in a different part of the country each year to visit a selection of buildings in the local vernacular tradition. Local experts are on hand to explain the background and more experienced members help others to interpret them. In the evenings, lectures and discussions allow the day's findings to be explored further.

Somerset conference 2006

Recent spring conference venues:

Future spring conferences include:

Spring Conference 2017 in Hertfordshire
The 2017 Spring Conference on 11-15 April will look at one of Englandís least known counties, but one which has been influenced by the proximity of natural features such as the Chiltern Hills, by the city of London and the presence of one of the great, and most ancient monasteries in England. The conference will be based at the High Leigh Conference Centre in Hoddesdon, in the south-eastern corner of the county. Wednesday will look at the monastic landscapes of Western Hertfordshire, with visits to the ancient city of St Albans and the surrounding areas. Thursday will focus on the pull of greater Essex, visiting the guested town of Ware and the landscapes of East Hertfordshire. On Friday we'll visit small towns and great barns: Ashwell and North Hertfordshire. The booking form was posted to members on 16 February 2017; a copy can also be downloaded by logging in to the Members' Area. A few places are still available - the booking deadline has been extended to 22 March 2017.

Spring Conference Bursaries
Bursaries are offered each year to enable a registered student or a professional in the early years of his or her career to attend the spring conference. Please see details on how to apply for a bursary; the closing date is 3 March 2017.

Winter Conferences

The winter conference takes a theme of current interest and explores it in depth through papers given by experts in the field.

Recent winter conference themes include:

Winter Conference 2018
The next winter conference will take place in January 2018.

Winter Conference Bursaries
Bursaries are offered each year to enable a registered student or a professional in the early years of his or her career to attend the winter conference. Further information will be published here in due course.

Oxford Weekend Schools

The Group contributes to an annual weekend school held in Oxford in the autumn and run by the Oxford University Department of Continuing Education. It is open to the public and topics have included:

Oxford Weekend School 2017
The next weekend school, Cruck Buildings: Origins, Distribution, Significance and Derivatives, will take place from Friday 29 September to Sunday 1 October 2017. Cruck buildings form one of the most distinctive elements of British vernacular architecture. This weekend will present recent thinking on the origins of crucks, where and why they were used, in what types and dates of building they were employed and by what social groups, and what factors have led to their survival in particular places. Explanations will range from the practical to the cultural. Consideration will also be given to types of structure related to, and derived from, true crucks, as well as to the co-existence of cruck and other building traditions in the same geographical area. Preliminary details can be found on the Oxford University Department of Continuing Education website.

Tip: if all the residential places on weekend schools are already taken, you may be able to find alternative student accommodation in Oxford at various prices via University-Rooms.

Other Conferences and Visits

Visit to France 2016
We arranged a VAG trip to the Maine region of France on 23-27 June 2016. A report is available on the Members' Area.

Visit to Denmark
The VAG organised a trip to Denmark on 8-14 June 2014, visiting a number of historic towns and some of the many long-established folk museums, where historic buildings have been collected together to illustrate the regional differences.

Saeters and Stave Churches
The group organised a tour to Norway on 16-26 June 2011 to visit some of its notable timber buildings - and also see something of the scenery and the country. These images of Norwegian houses and scenery were sketched by VAG member Malcolm Birdsall some twenty-five years ago (copyright reserved).