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Overseas Subscriptions

Overseas members, who have a credit card or PayPal account, can now pay their annual subscription via our PayPal debiting.

NOTE: Subscription does not become due until election, and the accidental payment of subscription by someone who has not been elected does not constitute a title to the rights of membership. Although the PayPal procedures include safeguards to make it more difficult to pay accidentally (or accidentally to pay twice), and the VAG's Treasurer and Membership Secretary will do what is reasonably possible to sort out mistakes, the VAG is not liable for any payment errors made by members or visitors on this site.

  1. New overseas members first click on the PayPal Payments button to arrange to pay the £5 Joining Fee. This will only be charged once. If you are already a member, ignore this button and go straight to 2!

  2. To pay your £25 subscription now and in subsequent years by PayPal, click on the PayPal Subscribe button below.